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"Financial Freedom is a Choice"

Benefits of Society Membership

Society membership is the permanent cure for financial problems and it provides many priceless rewards. For example:

  • Immediate peace of mind and relief from financial stress
  • Spend less, have more and invest more
  • Have more time for family, friends and hobbies
  • Have more time and money to help those less fortunate
  • Pass on excellent financial health to your children
  • Self-respect
  • Retire in half the normal time

Three Things You Need For Financial Freedom


The 1st reason wealthy people are so successful is, "They've Got Special Knowledge". They don't waste their time trying to become experts. They hire experts to do all their blocking and tackling.They only learn that special knowledge they need to be the quarterback. Now, you can too.

  • The Art of Achieving Financial Freedom eCourse - the foundation of Society membership is Kelly Reese's 14-Lesson eCourse. In addition to his Quick Retirement Formula and his Virtual Millionaire Concept, he teaches you many other breakthrough concepts from his real life experiences that you won't find anywhere else.

  • Note: If you have already purchased the eCourse, you will not be charged for it again when you join the Society. You will only be charged $19.95 for your first month's dues - then $19.95 per month thereafter.


The 2nd reason wealthy people are so successful is, "They've Got People". They save a fortune in both time and money by calling their experts. Now you can too.

  • Financial Help Line (Click here for full details.) - unlimited free financial help via toll-free telephone. Our professional counselors strictly provide advice - they do NOT sell anything, nor recommend anyone who does.

  • Tax Help Line (Click here for full details.) - unlimited free tax advice via toll-free telephone. Optional tax preparation at discount with 1040 and 1040EZ prepared for free. Free review of last year's tax return, audit assistance and a powerful tax center.

  • Legal Services (Click here for full details.) - 9 free popular and important legal services, all others legal services are discounted significantly.

  • eDoctors - unlimited free online access to a team of board certified physicians for consultations, second opinions. This is NOT insurance and does not provide prescriptions or treatment. However, this service can eliminate approximately 25% of all your family's doctor visits.

  • Registered Nurse Hot Line - unlimited toll-free access 365/24/7.


Another reason wealthy people are so successful is, "They've Got Tools". They KNOW where they are, and they KNOW where they are going. Now you can too.

  • Debt Avalanche System - eliminate 100% of your debts, including a 30-year mortgage in about 7 to 10 years, without paying more per month than you currently pay on debts.

  • Personal Financial Statement - the ONLY way to measure your financial health. Watch with excitement as we help you shrink your debts and grow your investments.

  • Family Budget - This shows any leaks in your "financial boat". We'll help you stop the leaks by reducing expenses and minimizing taxes.

  • 45 Financial Planning Calculators - none of us jump for joy when we plan, but we jump for joy later. A lack of planning is a plan for failure. We make planning much easier and more fun.

  • Task Manager - this simple to use to-do-list will make a significant impact on your productivity and peace of mind.

  • Project Manager - this powerful brainstorming tool will save you time and money; reduce wear and tear on your car; and even reduce your gasoline expenses.

  • Appointment Manager - this powerful calendar integrates with all three of the other time management tools.

  • Contact Manager - if you don't already have a good address book with one click emailing, ours is simple and easy to use.

A Personal Invitation

Society Membership is the #1 value in America today, because you are buying direct and because we are mission driven, NOT profit driven.

We invite you to join the Society, right now. As a member, you will enjoy everything you need to create the life you and your family deserve - all for about the cost of one soft drink a day.

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Only $19.95/month starting 2nd month

Immediate Access - Cancel At Anytime

No full or partial refunds on monthly dues
1-Year Unconditional Refund Guarantee on $29.95 eCourse Purchase

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